by David Levithan

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It was a day when everything changed for everyone. Find out how 9/11 affected the lives of 3 NYC teenagers in this novel that yes, will make you cry, but is ultimately about hope, human connection, and love. Claire was in school when the attacks happened. She immediately went from imagined worries about her mother to very real ones, and sprung into action to comfort her 2nd grader brother. Jasper slept through the attacks, enjoying his freedom while his parents are in Korea visiting his grandmother. When he leaves the apartment, he starts to collect papers, files from the World Trade Center that have blown all the way to Brooklyn in the explosions, he realizes. Peter is cutting school, waiting for Tower Records to open so that he can buy the new Dylan CD. But there is no music that can make this day make sense. Peter goes to school with Claire. Jasper and Peter had made a tentative date for this night. While they hardly knew each other before, their interactions on this day and in the days, months, and years following show that connection can be forged from events that seemed designed only to tear apart, and that one of humanity's worst days has many individual stories, and many other sides.

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