by Sharon Creech

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Sharon Creech has hit on many of the reasons why poetry has been so elusive to me in this novel!  Jack, the main character, writes the story as a series of poetic journal entries he is required to write at school.  Some are based on poems that are read in class (which are highlighted at the end of the book), and others are just his thoughts put into poetic form.

Personally, I don't always recognize poetry for what it is; my initial impression was that poems had to rhyme and follow certain structures.  Anything else, I thought, wasn't poetry.  It was, as Jack puts it, just "short lines" on a page.  

Even though this book is written for a 2nd-3rd grade reading level, it helped me to see the beauty and versatility of poetry.  Now, I think I will be more inclined to read (and enjoy) poetry that steps outside of my current comfort zone.

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