by Sarah Addison Allen

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Kate Pheris lost her husband to a tragic accident last year and also lost herself, she wrapped herself up in grief and "fell asleep" for a year. During which time her over-powering mother-in-law, Cricket, stepped in to "care" for her and her daughter Devin. But just this morning, Kate heard a voice say "Wake up Kate!", it's moving day they have sold their home and are going to move in with Cricket. Kate's taking a job at Cricket's real estate office, everything is all planned out. Then Devin finds a postcard from Kate's past and those plans disappear.

Welcome to Lost Lake, a sleepy southern resort in the small southern town of Suley, a magical place. Meet Eby Pim, the proprietress, and her faithful french cook Lisette and the cast of characters that surround them. Wonderful read.

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