by Orson Scott Card

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While this is not as good as Ender's Game it is certainly a fun read. I really enjoyed the way that Card builds the world in which the action plays out, both here on Earth and in Westil. This is the first in a new series by Card and I can't wait to read more. There is a novella called Stonefather which also happens in Westil and will give you some more of the backstory/legends of this world.

Danny North is a magicless magician, a drekka, in a family of skilled magicians. As it turns out the gods of the old pantheons are really magicians who have been banished to Earth from their homeland of Westil. Living here for centuries has caused great tension to build on the already tenuous peace among the clans. All of this could change, the exiles could return home, if only a gatemage would manifest. But gatemages are both longed for and feared so they have been always been killed to maintain the fragile peace. And here's the catch, Danny's magic hasn't been missing its just been misunderstood because Danny is the first gatemage to come along in a very long time.

Told concurrently is the story of Wad, a boy living in Westil who cannot remember where he comes from. I cannot wait to see how these two tales come together in The Gate Thief set to publish in 2013!

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