by Loretta Lynn

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I picked up Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner's Daughter because of the irresistible blurb I read about it on the library catalog - telling how the country music icon was from a little "holler" in rural Kentucky, was married by 13 and a grandmother by 29. You can't turn away a setup like that!

Having only a vague familiarity with the singer and her acclaim, I was mostly drawn to the book for the cultural aspect of rural Kentucky and the intrigue of a peek into the lives of the famous.

Overall, it's hard to put my finger on what it was that let me down, since the book provided me with all the aspects I was expecting from it - an in-depth look at life in Appalachia in the 1940's, stories of stalkers and over-zealous fans, and an idea of what a life based from a tour bus is like - however, I feel that the book was just missing a little something more. It might be that, despite her wholesome persona, I was hoping for some juicy, drugs-and-rock-and-roll confession from Loretta, but all I got was detailed descriptions of her nice, hard-working, quiet children's personalities and extensive imagery about the interior decorating of her Tennessee mansion. 

I feel that the ideal readers of this book are devoted Loretta fans who will find a tell-all about her life a real treat. But for someone like me, it was mostly just an effort to keep reading about someone whose life is probably even more stable and respectable than mine.

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