by Slavomir Rawicz

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The Long Walk recounts an epic story of survival by a group of escapees from a Soviet gulag.  Fleeing the camp during a blizzard in 1941 with six others, Rawicz and the group equipped only with their camp-issued clothes, a small store of food, and a few other stolen goods set out south toward Lake Bikal, through the Gobi desert, over the Himalayas, into British-controlled India.  Like most survival stories, it's full of inspiring action, incredible hardships, and insight into human instincts.  The story is not without it's controversies.  Many researchers contend that Rawicz himself did not make this journey and may have stolen the details from official records and a fellow Polish soldier.  Upon finishing the book, it's up to the reader to decide whether this effects the power and impact of the story.

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