by Cory Doctorow

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Have you ever felt like you're being watched all the time–by your parents, teachers, even the police? What if that were true? What if it was your government that was watching you, looking for evidence that you're a terrorist–or even creating that evidence–just so it can put you in jail? Marcus was caught by the Department of Homeland Security when the San Francisco Bay Bridge was blown up. He hadn't done anything, but he was held for questioning for days. Now that he's out, he's determined to bring down the DHS and expose their tactics. But how do you take on a government that has its eyes and ears everywhere? Hacker Marcus has some ideas, including the creation of the Xnet, an encrypted way for supporters of the cause to get online and communicate their ideas. How far will Marcus go, and will he get away with it, or get sent to a secret prison overseas? The Afterwords and Bibliography of this book also have some great suggestions for further reading on the various topics covered in this book, including hacking, the history of cryptography, and San Francisco history. You'll always be looking over your shoulder after reading this book!

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