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  I normally don't watch movies that are based on books but the premise behind this story seemed so intriguing that I decided to give it a whirl.  The movie details the adventures of a young Indian boy called Piscine (French for swimming pool) but who goes by Pi. His family owned some animals that were housed in a zoo and when his father decides to move to Canada in search of opportunity, the family set off on a steamer with the animals in the holds below. The movie itself is one long flashback interspersed with scenes of Pi as an adult narrating the circumstances that lead to the long adventure at sea, the most fascinating scenes are those in which Pi tries to stake out space on the lifeboat with a tiger. At the end though we are left to wonder what really happened. I won't give away the ending though but it is mind-boggling and made me wish that I had read the book first!

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