by Scott Lynch

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The Lies of Locke Lamora is the first book in Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard series. This fast-paced fantasy adventure follows thief Locke Lamora and his gang of Gentleman Bastards as they try to pull off the biggest con of their lives--and accidentally get swept up in a war over the seedy underbelly of Camorr City.

I'm more likely to watch fantasy onscreen than read books in the same genre. I love HBO's  Game of Thrones, but have little desire to languish in George R.R. Martin's thousands of blood-soaked pages. The fast-paced adventure and swashbuckling thieves of Locke Lamora appealed to this sensibility of mine. (And the friend who recommended it to me is a big Song of Ice and Fire fan, so GRRM fans, take note!)

The world in which Lynch's novel takes place comes alive without getting overly bogged down in details over lineages, weaponry, history, or the other pitfalls I've come across trying to read fantasy in the past (looking at you, Tolkien). The characters are charming, funny, and real (and also very foul-mouthed). My biggest issue was the pacing of the novel, which really takes its time at the beginning but rushes at the end.   

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