by Jennifer Morey

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They made me read a romance. It was tough. I picked a skinny one hoping it would lessen the pain. It didn’t.

I also picked this one because of the title. Bad girl turns librarian? – I can dig it. But the mentioned scandal isn’t really scandalous, and it doesn’t stay a secret beyond the first chapter. The heroine, and all of her "earthly beauty", was a ‘bad girl’ and fled her hometown 15 years ago. She's just now returning – and she’s changed, she's reformed, she’s even respectable. But nobody in town believes that, except for the bulging, ruggedly handsome, ex-Navy Seal Sheriff. He believes in her. He believes in her a lot! He also thinks she got the short end of the stick (!) back when she was run out of town. He aims to remedy that. Oh boy.

This is part of a series (aren’t they all). I recommend it to folks who like these kinds of books.

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Best review ever!

Whew! I'm so glad he believed in her! Thanks for turning me on to this great book!

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