by David Sedaris

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A just-okay collection of autobiographical essays from the author of When You are Engulfed in Flames. The first entry is hilarious: Sedaris relates the story of how his quest to find the perfect stuffed owl resulted in a macabre visit to a London taxidermist. Other essays are thoughtfully written and often amusing, if not laugh-out-loud funny. We learn more about his relationship with his father (both as a child and in adulthood), his life as an expatriate in France and England, his writing habits and author tours (now at Costco!), and probably more than we needed to know about his colonoscopy (although that one is pretty funny, too). Sedaris also includes some biting fictional monologues, which he says are designed to give high school forensics competitors something more dramatic to work with than his usual essays. Fans who want to keep up with Sedaris should probably read this collection, but I’d direct those unfamiliar with his work to one of his earlier books. Regardless of where you start, listen to the audiobooks, which are read by the author and always entertaining.


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