by Ron Burgundy

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Great Odin’s raven! This is the classiest book at the Library, hands-down. I mean, it’s classy. Though at times it got difficult to read because there were so many words…it’s the kind of book that you can pretend to read and still look good doing it.

It turns out that Ron Burgundy, quite possibly the most famous fake anchorman of all time, is a pretty great book writer. Not only is his writing pure poetry (it almost rivals his flute playing), but he offers us a glimpse into his world....his life. It’s truly inspirational. Did you know that he’s had relationships, intimate relationships, with Barbara Walters, Bruce Lee, and Katie Couric?!? Don’t act like you’re not impressed!

If it’s cock fighting you’re interested in, look no further. Burgundy goes into great detail about the spiritual side of the sport, and how it nearly changed his life. But the book isn’t just all fun and games. There’s sage advice here, and caution. For example, he goes into length on what can happen if you borrow a leaf blower from a neighbor and don’t return it. Now that I know, I’ll never do it. Thank you Ron Burgundy!

I have to say that this book is best read in the morning, with a nice glass of scotch.

I immediately regret this review.

But seriously, this is a must read for Will Ferrell fans... or just fans of the absurd and ridiculous!


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