by Simon Rich

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I like my romance books funny and irreverent or not at all. So imagine my delight when I found Simon Rich's collection of short stories featuring the weird, sardonic and hilarious tales of romancing the girl.

Simon starts with the classic formula of boy meets-gets-loses girl. And yet, I was empathizing with a gender neutral prophylactic in "Unprotected." Sure I've heard about the Occupy Movement but is it an effective approach to wooing an unrequited love interest? For the answer read "Occupy Jen's Street." Other stories include the perplexing problem of a committed relationship with the last woman on earth and the bitter sweet reality of having an affair with Santa Claus. These stories are as quickly read as a round of speed dating but unlike speed dating, the stories hint at the truth behind romantic ineptitude. Not that I would know anything about that.

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