by Michael B Harmon

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When Ben was 14, his father announced he was gay. Ben's mother left, leaving Ben with his dad, and eventually his dad's partner, Edward. Ben thinks it was pretty selfish of his dad to marry someone and have a kid all the while knowing that he was gay, and he shows it by acting out in various teen rebel ways—drinking, smoking, drugs. Ben's dad and Edward finally decide to solve the problem by moving from their home in Seattle to a small town in Montana, living with Edward's mother. Ben's pretty sure he wasn't made for country life—hunting, potlucks, farming—these are all things he's never done or even wanted to do. But as he gets to know his Edward's strict mother, his 11-year-old neighbor Billy, who has problems with his ultra-religious dad, and other citizens of the town, Ben realizes that maybe country life isn't the worst thing in the world. It won't be easy navigating the rules of his new home, and navigating his relationship with his father, but Ben eventually realizes that he's been given a second chance, and he has an opportunity not only to fix his own life, but help out some of those around him, too.

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