by Mary Miller

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15 year old Jess is on the road trip to end all road trips with her family. They are driving to California to experience the end of the world in rapture with the Reverend Marshall. They don’t have to worry, they’ve been saved. Her evangelical dad is the big believer. Jess, her secretly pregnant older sister Elise and her non-practicing Catholic mom are just along for the ride, hedging their bets. Jess wants to experience all that life has to offer before it might be too late.  With that in mind, she hooks up with guys she meets at the hotels on the way. She loses her virginity to someone available, not someone she loves.  Jess can’t help but wonder what will happen to all the believers who gave away all their money and possessions in anticipation of going to heaven if nothing happens. Including her own father, who has camped the family in an empty the bank account casino resort. This is his second apocalypse and it seems the trip might really have been spurred by the fact that her dad recently lost his job. Jess's coming of age story through middle America rings true and there are no easy solutions for the Metcalf family. Miller provides a fascinating and believable look into the mind of a fanatic and how that affects the people around him.

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