by Rainbow Rowell

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Rainbow Rowell has been getting so much buzz, I decided to try one of her books. Landline isn't a traditional romance--it's not about those first moments, the push and pull of falling in love, ending with the happily ever after. It's about the hard work of marriage, about how things change after you have kids (who have "the right of first refusal" on all of your energy), about how even being reminded of why/how you fell in love in the first place might not be enough to save a relationship 14 years later. Georgie and Neal aren't in a great place--Georgie devotes most of her time to her work as a sitcom writer, Neal is happy being a dad to their two girls, but not in much else. When Georgie chooses work over their Christmas trip to Nebraska to see Neal's mom, they have a hard time talking and connecting (Georgie forgets to charge her phone, Neal keeps leaving his at home when he goes out). Then Georgie tries calling Neal on the yellow rotary dial phone she finds in the closet of her childhood bedroom. And gets to talk to Neal. Neal in the past. Neal before he proposed. Neal the last time they were apart, in 1998. Why has she been given this magic phone? Is she supposed to change something? Learn something? Will her children fade away if she says something wrong and she and Neal never get married? A book with heart, the reality and messiness of being in a relationship, and the choices you have to make every day to keep things going. And a scene involving a pregnant pug so funny I spit out my ice cream.


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