by Pamela Mingle

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Kissing Shakespeare by Pamela Mingle is a delightful novel for young adults that combines fantasy, romance and historical fiction. The aptly named Miranda is in the dressing room after a performance in her high school play when she is whisked back in time to Elizabethan England by Stephen Langford. Langford is a sort time-traveling historical fixer who is also, of course, a dreamboat in disguise. Stephen wants Miranda to help him save young Will Shakespeare from veering from the path of literature, which will change the course of history and prevent future generations from experiencing his genius. Stephen has picked Miranda for this mission because she and her parents are Shakespearean actors, so she is familiar with the language and customs of the time. Though Miranda struggles with the strangeness of the situation, she adapts well, and she and Stephen work together to save the day. The end of the book is bittersweet, but stays admirably true to the story and it's characters.

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