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This is a collection of scary stories for children that was compiled in the early 1990s.  The stories all seem to be written from the perspective of a British storyteller, so a few of the words and references might be a bit foreign to an American reader.  Some of the stories involve ghosts and unexplained phenomena, but others only seem to do so.  This is a good introduction into scary stories for children because there isn't much blood or gore--it's mostly psychological thriller material.  

As an adult with a pretty low tolerance for horror, I was pleased to recognize the potential for it in this book without feeling overwhelmed by it.  Children with very active imaginations could have trouble with some of the stories, but those with more exposure to them would be fine.  As a warning to anyone considering this book, the story "Bush Medicine" portrays characters in a way that could be offensive to some readers.  I would recommend screening it for your intended audience ahead of time.  

The stories are of varying lengths, and all have pictures that go along with them.  It is a great beginning, especially for a reluctant reader who is interested in scary stories.  The stories are written at a mid- to upper-elementary reading level.

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