by Lucy Christopher

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Hmm...I wanted to like this thriller more than I did.  Emily's father is suffering from severe PTSD and has regular flashbacks that provoke violent tendencies.  So when he emerges from the woods behind their house carrying the dead body of a teenage girl, the case against him seems open and shut.  But Emily is convinced that her father is not a murderer--although if he didn't kill Ashley, who did?  And how can she make sense out of drawings that make it look like he was stalking Ashley?  And in order to find out who did kill Ashley, Emily will have to discover the secret of what actually goes on in the woods behind her house...but does she really want to know?

Overall suspenseful and at times jarring, this fast-paced novel will keep its reader gripped until the end.  So why only two stars from this reviewer?  Because I was too distracted and confused by the dog collars (yes, you read that right) to stay tuned into the actual plot.  

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