by Helen Thorpe

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Denver's own Helen Thorpe does a great job of humanizing the issue of immigrants who have entered this country illegally and the long term affect this action has on the lives of their children.  She chronicles the personal experiences of four intelligent, ambitious girls from Mexico who were brought into the country illegally when they were very young.  She follows them from senior year in high school through college.  All of the girls are facing promising futures, but only two have papers showing them as in the country legally, and the difference this makes in the opportunities and resources available to each girl, even though their backgrounds are very similar, is astounding.  Ms. Thorpe also includes her own experiences and impressions of the immigration issues being discussed nationally and locally, both as a journalist and as the then-wife of our then-mayor, John Hickenlooper.  I think she does a great job of remaining open-minded and seeing all sides of the issues, even if she doesn't necessarily agree.

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