by Grant Petersen

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Just Ride by Grant Petersen

This is a refreshing, if somewhat controversial take on urban cycling. I love that Peterson reminds the reader that cycling is fun first and that our attempts to make ourselves official (read: wear lycra, scowl, and spend thousands on a bike) really takes away from a simple, great way to get around (or just outside). If you love cycling or just want to see what the big deal is, this is a great read. Petersen provides practical advice on how to get or stay fit and maintain your bike with minimum fuss. I’m not sure that I buy all of his advice- for instance, I don’t know that occasionally swerving and looking out of control is really the best way to ensure that you don’t get squished , but it is great fodder for conversation with your cycling buddies.

Advice I’d add to the book: roadies, don’t scream at people for not looking/riding like you do and hipsters, stop slaloming down the street and just put your foot down at the light. No one is in awe of your wobbly trackstand.

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LOVE this review especially the last sentence!

I agree. Reminds me a conversation I had with a friend last night.

Thanks- although you can tell that I wrote this after a bad week of cycling.

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