by Michael Poore

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As soon as I finished this book I laughed and cried, I might have even clapped my hands. This John Scratch is not the devil you know, Poore does an excellent job re-imagining such a well known character. Even when he fries people alive you can't help but root for Mr. Scratch as he churns his way through history, everything he does he does with one goal in mind, ok well maybe two or three but they aren't the reasons you would expect... Though perhaps his one goal is the only one worth doing anything for and that would be love... of course when you are blindly doing things for love, well inevitably they don't turn out right, or perhaps in hindsight look a bit crazy, even evil depending on which side you were on I suppose

PICK THIS BOOK UP AND READ IT, Poore's writing is lyrical and twisty, funny, surprising, original. Do it!

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