by Tom Robbins

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Tom Robbins is one of my favorite authors because he can combine unrelated topics like immortality and perfumery and create poetic, flowery prose that borders on nonfiction. Like all Robbins novels Jitterbug Perfume is stylized, fanciful, and funny, but only Jitterbug Perfume features the defunct god Pan as a character and a brief history of perfumery from Medieval Europe to contemporary Paris, New Orleans, and Seattle. Robbins always scatters charming details throughout his stories, such as an eccentric Timothy Leary-esque millionaire hell-bent on discovering the secret of immortality; his only daughter is named "Huxley Anne." Another instance of Robbin's creativity is a coalition of college educated waitresses who award each other periodic grants to pursue their actual passion and talents. Tom Robbins is not for everyone as sometimes his loquacious language is so encompassing of such diverse topics readers begin to believe in string theory.


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