by Jeffrey Brown

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Jeffrey Brown takes a Star Wars story and fits it into the mold of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The result is lots of fun.

Roan is a kid who has always wanted to go to middle school at the Pilot Academy like his father and older brother.  After he’s rejected by the Pilot Academy, he has to settle for a spot at the Jedi Academy.  The other students at the Jedi Academy have been there for years and are getting pretty good at using the Force.  Roan is new to all of the Jedi skills and really struggles with Jedi school.  Master Yoda helps Roan make his way through his first year at the Jedi Academy.

The story is told through a combination of comics and text.  It’s really funny but it also deals with real school issues like fitting in, being bullied and doing homework.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy seems like the start of a great series.  This book is good for kids in grades 3-7.

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