by Sarah Oleksyk

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Sarah Oleksyk's graphic novel, Ivy, beautifully captures what it feels like to be an angst-ridden teenager living in a place and time you can't wait to escape. The main character, Ivy, is in her last year of high school in a small town in Maine. Her main passion in life is art, but her mother forbids her to apply to art colleges. She has a few friends (fellow outsiders) at her school, but her relationship with them (and everyone else in her life) becomes more strained as the book goes on and as her moods become more unpredictable and angry.

She has a long-distance relationship with a fellow artist who she meets at a tour of art colleges in the region, and for a while thinks she might have found someone who understands her. Oleksyk does not whitewash the reality of being a young adult who feels misunderstood, and realistically brings up issues of abuse, teen relationships, sex, and the ongoing process of becoming oneself. I can't wait to see what Oleksyk does next. 

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