by Susan Hughes

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After her mother’s death, Ellie finds comfort in her predictable life in Nova Scotia. The house she shares with her father is right next door to her best friend’s house, their school, and Ellie’s mother’s grave. Ellie envisioned living in this house forever, so she is devastated when her father tells her they are moving to Sable Island, a small, windy place hundreds of miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. Out of work for months, Ellie’s father finally found a job saving ship wrecked sailors off Sable Island’s treacherous coast. In Ellie’s eyes, the island’s only asset is the herd of wild horses that roam the dunes. There is no school on the island and few children to play with, so in her free time Ellie wonders the island and befriends a stallion that she names Orchid. Set in the early 1800s, Susan Hughes’s subtle novel for younger readers is enjoyable, especially for horse lovers.

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