by Holly Black

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In the third installment of A Modern Faery's Tale, we return to the magical world's newest pixie, Kaye.  It's time for Roiben's royal coronation in the Unseelie Court and Kaye is feeling a bit out of place and very insecure.  A little faerie wine later and then a little more and she finds she's declaring herself to Roiben in front of the entire court.  What the creature that manipulated her into doing so didn't mention was it's a pretty official thing and there are many rules that come along with such a declaration.  

For reasons unclear to Kaye, Roiben gives her a challenge that appears undoable.  And until she completes this quest to prove herself, they are not allowed to see each other.  Feeling rejected, things begin to quickly unravel for Kaye in both the magical community and her human world.  Kaye is even more unsure of herself than ever before and she's emotional, making decisions that may not be in her best interest.  As her worlds continue to fall apart, will she be able to pull herself together, collect her wits, and use them to put a stop to the disturbing plans of the Queen of the Seelie Court?

I've very much enjoyed the trip to and through Faerie in all three books, the conflicts between being honor bound and how ultimate power ultimately corrupts.  We see how abuse, whether physical, emotional, or mental, drugs or alcohol can change the people we care about.  How we choose to react to their choices is difficult, but moving. Characters from the second book, Valiant, don't play a very large role in the last leg of the trilogy and don't seem to tie in very smoothly.  It's still a good read though.


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