by Coen Brothers

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This Coen brothers' flick was disappointing for me, compared to their previous works. Although the soundtrack is excellent and the grittiness of the '60s New York setting is romantic, the title character seemed to be completely lacking in sympathetic qualities and you end up not really caring about anyone in the movie. So it's a bit of a slog getting through it, as the only one you're really rooting for is the cat, and the trouble Llewyn causes cats makes you like him even less. It seems like he is intended to be a troubled, hard-luck character whose attitude towards life and surliness towards others stem from years of disappointment and hardship. However, there seemed to be few attempts to give the viewer a look into understanding the character's behavior and frustrations. Perhaps the point was to take a terrible character and show what beautiful music he is capable of making, and to focus on the dichotomy of those qualities. Nothing much happens in the movie, and we wait for some character growth or philosophical realization that never really hits home, which also seems to be the Coen brothers' intention. Either way, I would skip the movie and just borrow the soundtrack.

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