by Simone St. James

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Jillian Leigh's life is about to become even more unconventional. She already challenges social norms in 1920's England as she studies at Oxford and drives her own car. But when her estranged uncle Toby, a professional ghost hunter, falls from a cliff while alone on a job, Jillian is drawn into another world. The remote coastal village where she goes to claim her uncle's things has been changed significantly by the war, and its landscape is apparently haunted by ghosts. Strange happenings and unexplained events make Jillian begin questioning what she thought she knew about reality and her own family.

Then handsome Scotland Yard Inspector Drew Merriken arrives to look into her uncle's death. The former RAF pilot raises a whole other set of questions in the relatively sheltered Jillian's life.

This book was my first foray into the genre of romantic suspense, and I loved it. The combination of a romance and a ghost story -- in this case set in an interesting historic, cultural, and geographic context -- sucked me right in and kept me reading for almost two days straight to finish it. I also appreciated that while scary stuff was happening in the story, there was enough of a sense of distance in the narration I wasn't scared reading it. Of course, knowing that big, strong, smart, brave Scotland Yard inspector was out there on the case may have helped too.

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