by Dean R. (Dean Ray) Koontz

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Addison Goodheart lives a life of isolation, rarely leaving his underground living space before dark. He believes himself to be horrifically disfigured and wears a hood covering his head and a ski mask. Those who have looked up on him have wanted to kill him out of fright. One night as he is browsing a closed public library he comes up on a young woman in danger, she is able to flee, but Addison makes a connection with this young woman, Gwyneth, and their friendship binds them against the world. Gwyneth’s life is much like his except Gwyneth  is beautiful but cannot bear to be touched. As quickly as they accept each other as they are, Addison learns that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Gwyneth, even if he puts himself in mortal danger. What they both find out near the end of the book is that they have much more in common than they both realize and that factor will seal their bond to the very end.


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