by Dan Brown

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I know I don't need to promote the current Dan Brown book, Inferno, Dan Brown has plenty of fans and followers. What I am promoting is reading Dan Brown's books in the format of an eBook. First I want to say I did enjoy the Inferno Book. It's about a topic that I can get preachy about! So thanks Dan Brown for writing about over population. His research and cliffhanger style of writing is always exciting, intriguing, albeit not totally accurate but that's why I like fiction.  

So my point of reading Dan Brown via an eBook is this, whenever I am reading any of his books I want to see the referenced piece of art or beautiful architecture that he is writing about. I will bookmark my page, open a browser and search for the image all on the same device, in this case my iPad. So when I am reading his descriptions I can also get an immediate visual. To me it adds that much more the plot of the book.

Someday I imagine links or scroll overs within the eBooks to where it automatically does that for you, for now I will continue to read novels that reference history and art as an eBook. 


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