by Sean Beaudoin

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Nick Sole has a ton of responsibility. He goes to school, helps care for his special needs sister, and then works at Rebozzo chicken plant to help pay the rent. Nick hates his job and all things that relate to chicken. The one bright spot at work, is his coworker, Petal.  All seems to be going well at work, then out of the blue, his creepy boss decides to make Nick the head of a new secret department and the only worker in that department. After Nick has a horrific accident and causes an expensive breakdown of the conveyor belt at work, he finds himself in a juvenile delinquent camp called, Inward Trek, with other misfits.  Nick, now nicknamed Nero, accepts his situation, and the interesting bunch of inmates he now has to endure for 90 days.  The day of their first hike and camping trip begin with the counselors ordering chicken by the bucketful. Of course the chicken is not shared with the inmates much to their dismay. The following morning leads to Nero waking up to a horrific sight,  seeing his counselor eating the other counselor. Unfortunately, this leads to some of his fellow inmates also being eaten and turning into zombies. The next day is a fight for survival for Nero and his cohorts. As that first night wares on, all questions lead to one thing…..there is something up with the chicken.

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