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This to me is an unsung hero of animal documentaries. Before this documentary I never knew the phenomena of the Monarch migration existed, and now it’s a life goal of mine to see the migration! In short, the migration happens only in every fourth generation of Monarchs and 100 million butterflies from as far north as Canada migrate to southern Mexico to spend the winter. It’s a mysterious phenomena because of the timing, stamina, and navigation of the butterflies, but also the mystifying fourth generation that can live around seven times longer than other generations. The spectacle of the winter gathering is incredible and the information is in depth.  

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Thanks for sharing your great review. I checked it out, we watched it last evening, and I, too, was in awe. I had no idea of the life of Monarch butterflies, and this was a fascinating story. Very well done, as well. I would recommend it to anyone at all interested in nature.

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