by Ellen Hopkins

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This novel in verse follows three teens--Conner, Tony, and Vanessa--as they meet and go through treatment after attempting suicide. Each is in residential facility Aspen Springs for different reasons, and they connect in different ways. As the poems, told from each of their voices, reveal their backgrounds and thoughts, you learn their histories, family situations (or lack of them), and inner thoughts about therapy and drugs. There are a lot of issues crammed into this book--drug abuse, sexual abuse, parental neglect, family pressure, mental illness, self-harm, violence, and more. At first, Tony's and Conner's voices seemed similar to me, but they separated themselves out eventually. There is a glimmer of hope for the teens, but not everything can be easily overcome. Read this book if you like stories of overcoming issues, healing through connection,novels in verse (it looks long, but is a quick read due to the format) or have enjoyed Ellen Hopkins' other books.

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