by Sara Farizan

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Sahar has been in love since she was six with her best friend Nasrin. Although homosexuality is illegal in Iran, Sahar is convinced that she and Nasrin will somehow be together forever. Imagine her surprise when it is announced at dinner that Nasrin will be married to a doctor. Desperate and unwilling to lose the love of her life, Sahar turns to the idea of a sex-change operation (which is accepted and even funded by the country of Iran). But does she really want to be a man for the rest of her life? Is Nasrin worth such a sacrifice? I thought the overall idea of the book was interesting but throughout, I found myself feeling sorry for Sahar. She clearly is in love with a childish girl who seems very selfish. Sahar has many big decisions to make but she is obviously way too young to be making them...there is a big lack of logical thinking. Love is important but what is best for both of them?

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