by Ellen Hopkins

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Identical was about a set of identical twins (Kaeleigh and Raeanne) and their deep dark secrets.  Each sister had "issues" of their own but their "secrets" are not meant to be kept-from each other or anyone else.. This book deals with drug usage, alcohol usage, cutting, molestation from a father to a daughter, lust from a student to a teacher, and sex.  As I read this book I automatically told myself I would NOT want my teenage child (if I had one) to read this and was questioning why this was on the Young Adult bookshelf?  It didn't seem like they missed anything that could/would happen to a teenager.  The ending was WOW!  After I completed the story it made me rethink on would I really want my child to read this?  These things happen in the world today so maybe (?) it is a good way to show what will happen but I still am hesitant. 


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