by 1971- Touré

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This unauthorized biography, by journalist turned author, Toure, left me wanting more. At 150 pages, this is a short biography that still managed to be extremely repetitive. Prince is my favorite musical artist, and I thought that this book would be more enjoyable than it actually was. This really wasn't a biography as much as a perspective piece on the influence of Prince, and his music, on pop culture and Gen X'ers. The book is written in three parts: 1. Rosebud (Prince's childhood) 2.  Porn Chic (Prince and sex) and 3. Messiah (Prince and religion)

Though it contains several anecdotes and song details, this book is not for anyone looking for a "tell-all" biography or an in-depth look at the life of Prince. This book is for those interested in an analysis of what makes a musician an icon.  

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