by Justin Halpern

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Justin Halpern is more widely known for the Twitter feed and eventual book Sh*t My Dad Says. After his feed brought him fame, a book deal, and a TV show, he published I Suck at Girls, a humorous retrospective on his romantic life. From boyhood to his decision to propose to his girlfriend (revealed right away, so not a spoiler, I promise!), Halpern details his experiences, rife with embarrassment and crotchety advice from his dad.

This book is pretty good-natured. I worried that it would be more misogynistic than it is, but Halpern bashes his own lack of confidence more than women. It's also kind of sweet; he is relatable in a lonely-nerd kind of way. It's just not that funny. I chuckled a little bit, but anything that elicited a chuckle was pretty forgettable.

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