by 1986- composer Lykke Li

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I Never Learn is Lykke Li’s third album, and like the title suggests, it’s a break up album. I was hesitant to listen to it half expecting it to be heavy, depressing, and possibly boring, but instead it was innovative, exciting, and of course a little melancholy. The album seems more mature than her previous fun and poppy albums and more intimate. It has the typical Lykke Li multi-layering of vocals and instruments, making an earful for every song  and  a unique sound.  Stylistically, what’s different in this album is that it seems to show influences from 1990’s female vocalist radio hits that shine in Gunshot, my favorite track from the album, and also in Never Gonna Love Again.  If I take away one thing from this album, it’s that Lykke Li is an incredible vocalist and talented musician; I’m excited to see what she comes out with next.  

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