by Melissa Brayden

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Molly's partner since high school, Cassie, died in a plane crash over 4 years ago. She still can't quite picture her life moving forward without Cassie. Jordan, Cassie's younger sister, took Cassie's death hard, too. They were best friends, and Cassie was Jordan's only ally against her parents' wish that ALL their children go to medical school. Jordan hasn't been back to their small town since Cassie's funeral. But now it's time. When Molly and Jordan see each other again, Jordan realizes that the schoolgirl crush she had on Molly (5 years her senior...which doesn't make as much of a difference when you are now 25) is still strong, and there seems to be a spark between them. Of course, there are obstacles--would Molly always be comparing Jordan to Cassie? Is she ready for a new relationship? What would Jordan's parents think? If you've read lots of lesbian romance novels (like a certain reviewer has...), you'll know there is often a formula--strangers meet with an instant connection, etc. How Sweet it Is gets away from that, and it's refreshing to read about people who have known each other almost their whole lives discovering themselves in a new way. The small town setting is also nice, and the only thing missing from this book was recipes for all the treats that Molly creates in the bakery she owns. A lovely little romance with all the right elements.

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