by Augusten Burroughs

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I am a fan of self-help books because I enjoy learning how others solve their problems. But, the fluffy happy books get stale fast when bad things happen to me.  There have been times I have rolled my eyes with exasperation like "Really, this is going to make me feel better?"  Fortunately, Mr. Burroughs has felt the same way and he sealed the deal for me on page 5 with this profound truth:  "Affirmations are the psychological equivalent of sprinkling baby power on top of the turd your puppy has left on the carpet.  This does not result in a cleaner carpet.  It coats the underlying issue with futility."  And so he goes on to reveal some very difficult and honest truths of hard times that even Charles Dickens would applaud. 

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I listened to the audio version of this book, read by the author, and I loved it! He has such a common sense, straight forward, no pulled punches way of looking at self-help, based on his own extensive experiences, which I found completely refreshing and understandable. I checked out the ebook version from DPL's emedia catalog and downloaded it to my MP3, but it is also available as a book on CD from the regular DPL catalog.

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