by Louise Penny

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I’ve enjoyed Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series not only because the characters are well-developed but you want to visit Three Pines and hang out by the hearth with them on a snowy Canadian evening. In this tale the mystery continues with Gamache, Inspector in the Montreal Sûreté investigating the murder of the last of the famous Ouellette quints while trying to keep his protégé, Jean-Guy Beauvoir out the clutches of his nemesis, Sylvain Francouer.  All the series lead up to this last one and anyone who is a bibliophile will enjoy them because Penny always speaks lovingly of books …and for those of us who enjoy the French language there’s always few French phrases scattered around. 


Love these books and characters!

So do I - hope it's not the end of the series.

Really well written series! And yes, I'd love to hang out in Three Pines, too!

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