by Justine Larbalestier

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Everyone (well, almost everyone) in the city of New Avalon has a personal fairy, a good luck charm for something very specific. Charlie's jealous of her friend Rochelle, who has a shopping fairy, and her enemy Fiorezne Burnham-Stone, who has an every boy likes you fairy. Charlie doesn't think her fairy is that useful, but it IS annoying. She has a parking fairy. Great for a 14 year old who can't even drive, right? But she DOES have everyone wanting her to ride in their cars, just so they can get the perfect parking place! Charlie is on a mission to get rid of her fairy. This means walking everywhere (so her fairy won't have the opportunity to work and will leave)–but walking everywhere also means being late a lot, and getting into LOTS of trouble at her very strict, by the rules, demerit-based, sports school. Charlie needs to lose her fairy NOW, even if it means teaming up with Fiorenze, who has fairy expert parents, and isn't too thrilled with her fairy, either. Lots of humor and a little romance make this a great light read

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