by Catherine Jinks

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This book was about a girl named Birdie McAdam, who is an apprentice to a Bogler named Alfred Bunce. It is set in London during the Victorian era. Alfred, as a Bogler, is paid to lure out and kill Bogles, which are different types of monsters that eat children. Bogles live in chimneys, sewer pipes, abandoned wells, and other sorts of dark holes. Birdie's job as the apprentice is mostly to be bait, and stand near the hole and sing which entices the monster out so Alfred can dispose of it.

I really liked this book, Birdie is very spunky and likable, kind of reminding me of little orphan Annie. Alfred is a little gruff, and later they introduce Ms. Eames who is learning about Bogles but has never seen one so she pays Alfred to tag along on a couple of cases. She is a little naive but a delightful character. The book is a very quick read, without using cliffhangers to keep you going. I think this would be a great book for anyone from preteens to adults.

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