by Kevin Hearne

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This first volume of the Iron Druid Chronicles introduces us to the world's last surviving druid, 2100 year-old Atticus O'Sullivan and his faithful companion, Oberon (an Irish wolfhound that can talk to Atticus telepathically). Atticus has been peacefully hiding from the forces of faerie for centuries, but now a pissed off Celtic god has learned of his whereabouts and creatures and dieties from a variety of pantheons (Celtic, Hindi, Norse, and Greek, to name a few) are converging on Arizona to kill Atticus. Throw in werewolves, witches and vampires, and you get a wonderfully chaotic mix of action, legend, humor and great characters.

Luke Daniels narrates the audiobook brilliantly, bringing Hearne's wry humor to life, especially through the voice of Irish wolfhound Oberon.

If you like the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher), paranormal fantasy, Celtic folklore, or just an outrageously fun read, I highly recommend the entire series!


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