by Billy Collins

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I have a confession: this is the first poetry I've read since I was in college. A friend gave me "On the Pulse of the Morning," Maya Angelou's 2009 inauguration poem, and it still sits on my bookshelf, unread. Maybe I'll try it now that I know reading poetry won't make my brain explode :)

I have heard Billy Collins described as a poet for the average American. Since I am supremely average, I thought his work would be a good place for me to try reading poetry. 

A lot of horoscopes for the dead seems nostalgic and looking-back-on-life. Several poems are quite funny. A few made me actually put down the book for a while so I could mull over a particular sentence. I also spent a lot of time wondering what makes a person decide to be a poet. In the end, I was glad I chose this book for a re-introduction to poetry.

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