by Joe Hill

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It was hard to get past the crude beginning - the author is showing us nothing but the very worst of his characters and humanity in general.  I was thinking that once again I am not going to find any likeable characters in a Joe Hill novel, and even though I understood that this beginning is integral to the story he is telling I was still debating whether to continue.  But once I started getting into the section that lays out the background of our anti-hero Ig and the predicament he now finds himself in, I started to enjoy the book more and couldn't stop listening, wanting to find out what had happened to get him to this point.  Hill fills his book with literary, religious, and pop culture references and is generous with symbolic meaning, but unfortunately he also feels the need to explain it all in detail and doesn't leave much for the reader to figure out on her own.  All in all, if you can get past the crassness and crudeness, or if you prefer books on the gritty realism side of supernatural, this book just might take you by the horns and not let go until the end.

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