by Sonia Sanchez

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Sonia Sanchez is a national treasure, as a poet and as an activist who never ignores the humanity of anyone on any side of a struggle. Her work speaks to huge issues of struggle, oppression, justice and love. But she does so in such human terms that we see how they can never be divorced from the living of them in our every day lives. She also writes in speech, carrying the rhythms of experience into the words on the page.

"...i have cried all night/ tears pouring out of my forehead/ sluggish in pulse,/ tears from spinal soul/ that run in silence to my birth/ ayyyy! am i born? i cannot peel the flesh./ i hear the moon daring to dance these rooms./ O to become a star./ stars seek their own mercy/ and sigh the quiet, like gods," she writes in the poem "Depression."

Homegirls & handgrenades includes poetry and prose. I didn't love it quite as much as her more recent work, but I still loved it. I don't want to return the book. I've kept coming back to my favorite pieces over the past few weeks, and they still strike me in the heart every time. You can also check out Sonia reading from her work online to get more of a sense of the rhythms of her work and of her enormous heart.

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