by Jack Gantos

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Hole in My Life is the autobiographical account of a young man, Jack Gantos, agreeing to sail a yacht from the Virgin Islands to New York City, only to arrive in prison instead of college.

Since high school, Gantos was always in transit. Moving out of the USA (Staint Croix Island) before finishing high school, Gantos's young adult life was one unsupervised, with enough freedom to become a teenage alcoholic. In effort to set his life straight, Gantos focused on becoming a writer. In the midst of applying for college, Gantos was offered $10,000 (a boat load of money in 1971) to sail a yacht from the Virgin Islands to New York City. The boat was loaded with 1 ton of hashish.

Hole in My Life is a well-written, insightful story Gantos's time pre-sailing, sailing, and post-sailing (i.e. prison) . At times funny, at times sad, this book is particularly interesting within context of Colorado's January 1, 2014 legalization of recreational marijuana. This book is appropriate for teens, although at times graphic.

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