by Lish McBride

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WARNING: i think it's a bit odd that this is a YA novel it is seriously at least PG-16 with that said:

In Hold Me Closer, Necromancer we meet Samhain Corvus LaCroix aka Sam the burger monkey college dropout. Sam thought his life was average until he finds out that he's a powerful necromancer, his mom's witchery is not just modern paganism and there is a seriously bad dude out there who will try to kill him.

And this all started because of some potato hockey. This is a funny, scary, touching awesome story. Read it fast so you can get to the second one that is coming out SOON! (This review was written 8/30/12, the 2nd is slated to come out September 18th 2012)

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Loved this, can't wait for the second one!

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